Sugar Free September Testimonials


Sugar Free September 2016 was a great success with over 500 people signing up to quit sugar for 30 days.

Want to know what the participants had to say:

“Thank you Karen and Emily for great support. I lost 7kg but more important is that I found faith in me. That even when life isn’t going smooth I can do it. Maybe not perfect but not to bad either.”

“Thank you Karen and Emily for all the information encouragement and support.”

“The support has been amazing. The webinar info has been incredible. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, but I feel like I’ve grown exponentially in this month.”

“Thank you for this opportunity. I will cherish and use your Sugar Free book even more intently in the future. This is not the end, this is only the beginning.”

“Thank you for sharing your experiences. Also for inviting guests to join you on the webinars to further advance our knowledge (which I thoroughly enjoyed). You have taught me to not be frightened of fat (still struggling not to be when it has been ingrained for so long, but I trust your knowledge implicitly) and I am determined to continue on the sugar free road and to spread the word. Mostly thank you for your time I am blown away by your generosity. I will be continuing on my journey so will be keeping in touch to update you. Thank you to all the lovely people on here who shared all they thoughts and stories, keep strong X X X”

“Just a word of thanks from my side as well. Thanks for all the motivation, webinars and encouragement. This is not the end, only a beginning to be better and healthier life. Take care everybody.”

“Thank you so much for Sugar Free September 2016. Both this and the book have helped me a great deal. I started the first day of school 6 September and as of yesterday I’ve gone from 131 kg to 124 kg and have every intention of carrying through for the foreseeable future. Thank you! “

“A very big thank you, Karen and Emily for blessing us with your knowledge, support and inspiration on this Sugar Free journey. I have learnt so much and am more convinced that LCHF and sugar free are definitely going to be my lifestyle.”

“I would like to thank everyone for what has been a very supportive environment for Sugar free September.
The last four weeks have been a revelation for me.
I have found peace of mind and freedom from the roller coaster of sugar cravings.
I am continuing on with this journey.
It won’t be easy, however this month has shown it possible.
For me it takes courage, being gentle with myself, honesty and willingness. I also need to remember that picking up sugar brings on a whole lot of pain. The pleasure of eating sugar left a long time ago. Kindest wishes to everyone on their journey.”

As always sharing this spaces with everyone was an incredibly experience.

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Bonus: Great infographic about breaking-the-cycle-of-sugar-addiction

Graphic created by Complete Nutrition.

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