Make Embossed Cookies at Home (5 Tips)


#1. Follow an authentic recipe

When you are going to start baking cookies, first of all, you must have to plan how are you going to do this and what results you might be getting then. After making a plan, let’s go for a recipe that is easy for you to understand.

Do not opt for the recipes of the cookies that are beautifully designed yet difficult to bake, as it is your first time so make it interesting yet an easy way out to the successful outcomes.

Each recipe works differently. Some of the recipes will make cookies spread over the tray and stamping out them would be a difficult task then.

#2. Cookie a day keeps the sadness away.

The best thing to do is to play in a kitchen. Does it seem exciting? Yes, we are talking about cooking here and what a joy, if you are going to cook but you do not have to keep standing in front of the stove. Let’s go in more of it. Cooking is fun but baking is more entertaining.

Many people love baking cake, some are specialized in baking different kinds of bread and a few are crazy about cookies. The fun thing is if we can do this at home, what a pleasure it is. Moreover, everyone loves change and different kinds of cookies are a good addition to our munch like butter cookies, chocolate-chip cookies, sugar-coated cookies, and many more.

Home-baked biscuits are hygienic, softer and healthier. You do not have to think about anything else to eat if you have a jar full of home-baked fresh cookies and you are not going to disappoint. Play with dough, make a design on the cookie and bake it.

Let’s have a look that how can we make an embossed cookie at home safely in detail as Christmas is around the corner and of course you don’t want your guests to leave without having some presentable and delicious cookies.

#3. Do a Dough and Chill it out

You are following the tips& tricks of a perfect recipe so after when you are done with a dough, let it be chilled for at least 20 minutes. Furthermore, you can also use eggs or baking powder kept at room temperature to make a better dough.

Some people who plan to bake the biscuits the next day, (they) let the cookie dough be chilled out overnight. Chilling out the dough makes it more solid and thicker. For more good results, after chilling out the dough, keep it at room temperature for few minutes before rolling it to balls to make a shape of a cookie.Keep this in mind!The temperature of an oven is very important to bake cookies and it varies from oven to oven as every oven’s temperature set on a different thermometer. Over browned cookies are not a happy thing to eat.Save Cookies to spread

Once you are done with the dough and shapes of the cookies have been made. Prevent the biscuits from extra spreading over the tray. We can make a successful attempt to save it by first chilling out the dough.Use a baking mat, either a silicone baking mat or a disposable parchment paper in order to reduce the overspreading of the cookies. Never put biscuits on hot baking sheets to save your time. Sometimes, you over-whip the cookies batter and it causes overspreading of the dough on the baking tray.

4. Use of perfect baking-utensils

It is a basic requirement, no matter how good a recipe you are following, if you don’t have good bakeware, then you can not even enjoy baking. There are many baking utensils like an egg spatula, rolling pins, cookie stamps, hand mixer, baking tray, etc.

Choose baking utensils as per your requirement.Life is short; eat cookies. Happy Munching

5. Stamp out the Cookies

You have set the size of the cookies, now it’s time to design them and at the time of Christmas, everyone’s trying to make a different cookie jar and you can also gift these biscuits wrapped beautifully according to the event.Usually, there are two methods to stamp out your cookies:1- Cut the cookie dough with the cutter and then stamp them.2-  Stamp the biscuits dough then cut it down to make a required shape.

However, many cookie stamps are available in the market like silicon stamp, wooden stamp, plastic stamps, etc.If you feel like stamping out with plastic stamps or any other stamps is not going the way you want, you can also use a rolling pin for cookies. Because It doesn’t need to stamp out each cookie individually.Please Note!Before stamping out the cookies, dust the flour off on the cookies, roll out your dough and then move forward with the methods mentioned above.

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