Flat Belly Forever Review


Belly fat is probably the number one body part we’d all like to reduce. We may not all need to get a six pack, but we’d all like not to have a protruding belly that’s for sure. The problem with the stomach fat is that it is the first place the starts growing when we overeat, and also the last place that loses fat.

You’ll notice that when we workout and diet, our extremities which are are arms and legs are the first ones that lose the weight and guess what the last place to shed the inches is our tummy.

Because of this, the stomach is usually the hardest place to keep in shape. This is where the authors of the Flat Belly Forever program come in. In this review we take a look at what this system is about and it actually makes helps us achieve that slim midsection.

What is the Flat Belly Forever Program?

The Flat Belly Forever is a review and deeper look at what makes the stomach stay flat in some people, even if they eat a lot and why others have more difficulty in losing the extra fat in the midsection. It takes different approach from the usual diet systems in that it looks into what’s inside our stomachs.

The program is the brainchild of three well know weight loss gurus namely, Kyle Leon, John Barban and Brad Pilon. In case the last name sounds familiar he’s also the creator of the well known Eat Stop Eat intermittent fasting system.

The entire program lasts for 12 weeks and aims to correct how and what we eat. The goal behind it is to re-balance the amount of good bacteria in our gut so that they outnumber the bad bacteria. This is the concept behind the Flat Belly diet.

Our guts are filled with bacteria. But depending on what we eat, we may have more or less good bacteria relative to the bad ones. When there are more bad, it gives us stomach problems as well as contributes to a fatter waistline. This is why doctors often recommend probiotics to help improve the balance of gut bacteria.

The program includes both an eating system as well as a workout training routine. Together they complement one another to achieve what everyone wants, the flat stomach.

How does the Flat Belly Diet System Work?

To break it down, the Flat Belly Diet is split into 3 phases. Each of the phases have their own specific purpose so that you slowly transition from your current state to one where the stomach is ready to work more efficiently in getting rid of fat.


Gut Reset Phase

This is the first phase of the Flat Belly Forever Diet Program. To review, this is where we all begin. The reason for this is that all of us eat differently, which means that the makeup of our gut flora (bacteria composition in our digestive system) will depend on which foods we eat.

For most of us this will probably mean that the number of bad bacteria outnumbers the good. During the Gut Reset phase, the goal is to change the balance and move it so that we achieve a balance where 80% of our gut’s bacteria consists of those that are good and only 20% of the bad bacteria. This will prepare our stomachs for weight loss.

This first phase lasts of 30 days and consists of doing both changes in our diets as well as incorporating a specific exercise routine. During this period the goal will be to lose weight and rebalance the bacteria in the gut.

Food Reintroduction Phase

The second phase of the system involves bringing back some of the foods that were restricted during phase 1. There will be changes in the exercise training program as well as the nutrition. The goal is to prepare not only for losing weight and getting a flatter stomach but also so that we are able to have a long term eating plan.

Complete Reintroduction Phase

Phase 3, the last part of the program brings back as much food as possible so that there is a good balance between weight loss and variety. Like the first 2 phases, it is also 30 days long and its goal is to instill eating habits that are nutritional.

It is designed so that we get back to having as much of what we used to eat but in a healthier way. Instilling habits both for our diet and exercise routines so that we continue to do well after the last phase concludes is the goal here.


The Flat Belly Forever Diet Program takes a different approach to weight loss. It aims for the same goal of reducing our waistlines however with a different approach as it delves into the science of what constitutes our gut. This inside look hints at by fixing and re-balancing the amount of good and bad bacteria in our gut we can encourage weight loss while continuing to do exercise and eating healthy.

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