American Heart Association urges parents to limit sugar


The debate over the effect of sugar on our health has entered a new and much more serious phase as the American Heart Association issued new guidelines urging parents to limit sugar.

They published a scientific statement  which found that “Strong evidence supports the association of added sugars with increased cardiovascular disease risk in children through increased energy intake, increased adiposity, and dyslipidemia.”

They have since amended their recommendations as follows:

Children and teens should consume less than 6 teaspoons of “added sugars” a day and drink no more than 8 ounces of sugary beverages a week


8 ounces is approximately 236 ml which equates to less than a cup of sugary beverages per week!

More and more scientific studies are backing up that diets high in added sugar are connected to heart risk factors such as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.

So are we setting our kids up for a lifetime of suffering by allowing them to consume copious amounts of added sugar daily?

Very possibly. We need to start limiting the amount of added sugar we are give our kids NOW!

We need to stand together as a community and say enough is enough.

How many more studies do we need to show that added sugar in our diet is quite literally killing us?


No more excuses. We as parents need to take a stand.

Our children’s lives are at stake.

Say NO to added sugar. Your kids deserve the very best.

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